Section: 4-1509


Most recent version of the final adopted rule codified in the D.C. Municipal Regulations (DCMR)

Effective Date : 7/8/2016 12:00:00 AM

Authority : Section 10 of the Youth Bullying Prevention Act of 2012, effective September 14, 2012 (D. C. Law 19-167; D.C. Official Code §§ 2-1535.01 et seq.(2012 Repl.)) (the “Act”), Mayor’s Order 2013-062, dated April 5, 2013 (which delegates the Mayor’s authority to promulgate rules to the Director of the Office of Human Rights), and Mayor’s Order-2014-135, dated June 6, 2014.

Source : Final Rulemaking published at 63 DCR 9390 (July 8, 2016).

Editor's Note :

Rulemaking notices were published in the D.C. Register(DCR) and Adopted Rules were codified into the D.C. Municipal Regulations (DCMR)

  Notice ID Register Category Heading Notice/
Adopted Section
Register Issue/
Effective Date
R0018951 Adopted Rule BULLYING PREVENTION PROGRAMS View Text Effective:

N0059515 Final Rulemaking Human Rights, Office of - Notice of Final Rulemaking - 4 DCMR - Chapter 15 - Youth Bullying Prevention View Text 7/8/2016
Vol 63/29
N0055514 Proposed Rulemaking Human Rights, Office of - Notice of Second Proposed Rulemaking - 4 DCMR - Chapter 15- Youth Bullying Prevention View Text 10/23/2015
Vol 62/44
N0049769 Proposed Rulemaking The Office of Human Rights - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Amending Title 4 with a new Chapter 15, Youth Bullying Prevention Act Regulations View Text 9/19/2014
Vol 61/39
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