Section: 24-109


Most recent version of the final adopted rule codified in the D.C. Municipal Regulations (DCMR)

Effective Date : 1/27/2017 12:00:00 AM

Authority : Section 103 of the Urban Forest Preservation Act of 2002, effective June 12, 2003 (D.C. Law 14-309; D.C. Official Code § 8-651.03 (2013 Repl.)), Sections 4(5)(A) (assigning authority to coordinate and manage public space permits and records to the Department Director), 5(a)(4)(A) (assigning duty to review and approve public space permit requests to the Department Director), 6(b) (transferring the public right-of-way maintenance function previously delegated to the Department of Public Works (DPW) under Section III (F) of Reorganization Plan No. 4 of 1983 to the Department), and 9j (rulemaking authority) of the Department of Transportation Establishment Act of 2002 (“DDOT Establishment Act”), effective May 21, 2002 (D.C. Law 14-137; D.C. Official Code §§ 50-921.03(5)(A), 50-921.04(a)(4)(A), 50-921.05(b), and 50-921.18 (2014 Repl. & 2016 Supp.)), Section 604 of the Fiscal Year 1997 Budget Support Act of 1996, effective April 9, 1997 (D.C. Law 11-198; D.C. Official Code § 10-1141.04 (2013 Repl. & 2016 Supp.)) (authorizing rules concerning rental of public space), and Mayor’s Order 2016-5, dated January 12, 2016.

Source : Section 3 of the Tree Space Beautification Regulation Act of 1989, effective September 9, 1989 (D.C. Law 8-21; 36 DCR 4568 (June 30, 1989)); as amended by Final Rulemaking published at 64 DCR 800 (January 27, 2017).

Editor's Note :

Rulemaking notices were published in the D.C. Register(DCR) and Adopted Rules were codified into the D.C. Municipal Regulations (DCMR)

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R0020859 Adopted Rule BEAUTIFICATION OF TREE SPACES View Text Effective:

N0062075 Final Rulemaking District Department of Transportation Notice of Final Rulemaking - Tree Space Beautification View Text 1/27/2017
Vol 64/4
N0060254 Proposed Rulemaking Transportation, District Department of - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Special Trees and Tree Spaces View Text 9/2/2016
Vol 63/37
R0000852 Adopted Rule BEAUTIFICATION OF TREE SPACES View Text Effective: