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Effective Date:3/16/2012
Authority:The Chairperson of the Office of Employee Appeals in accordance with §602 of the District of Columbia
Government Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law 2-139; D.C. Official
Code § 1-606.02(a)(5) (2006 Repl.).
Source:As amended by Final Rulemaking published at 46 DCR 9297 (November 19, 1999); as amended by Notice of
Final Rulemaking published at 59 DCR 2129, 2136 (March 16, 2012).
Editor's Note:Notice of Final Rulemaking published at 2129 (March 16, 2012) repealed and replaced the existing chapter 16
with a new chapter 16 (Rules and Regulations of the Office of Employee Appeals). Sections 606-635 were
renamed, and section 636 was repealed.
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3898253 Adopted Rule INTERVENTION View Text Effective:
2094053 Final Rulemaking Notice of Final Rulemaking amending the Office of Employee Appeals' Rules and
View Text 3/16/2012
Vol 59/11
1876579 Proposed Rulemaking Office of Employee Appeals Notice of Proposed Rule Making View Text 2/10/2012
Vol 59/6
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